Marine Collagen Technology Introduction

Marine collagen that beautifies the skin

Skin shows the effects of aging when collagen starts losing its biosynthesis ability. The all-natural marine collagen prevents and supplements this loss of collagen.

Marine collagen provides elasticity and moisture fast to help maintain healthy skin and boosts skin cell regeneration to keep your skin looking beautiful.

Marine Collagen Technology Highlights

Highly moisturized marine collagen technology

Marine Techno developed the technology to extract clean marine collagen from fish, which preserves all the unique properties of collagen with increased gel formation rate. With a higher molecular weight than conventional collagen peptides, marine collagen boasts more efficient hydrating power.

Patents/Proprietary Technology

Patent/Program Name Country Patent Date Note
Method of manufacturing collagen using byproducts
Republic of Korea
Application (05.02.2013) / Patented (12.09.2013)
Method of manufacturing high-purity marine collagen
Republic of Korea
Application (01.13.2015)

* Marine Collagen in the Media :
Special –Focus on Marine Industry Start-Ups “Development of Natural Soap and Cosmetics using Farmed Fish Skin Marine Collagen Speeds Up” (Fishery Monthly, April 2013)